Munich, Germany

Munich, Germany

A few days before we left Costa Rica for Germany we decided to look up what the weather would be like there. We thought we were seeing it wrong. Snowy and -2 degrees?! It was in Celsius, but still. I had packed three months prior and only prepared for Costa Rica and summer Europe weather. I wasn’t even sure if I should bring a jacket (I did, although I never used it in Costa Rica). Never having worn my jeans there either, by the end of the trip I couldn’t even find them. So I arrived to Munich in 30 degree (Fahrenheit) weather in yoga pants and a jacket that looks like it’s lined with fake fur, but isn’t actually (we rarely need warm clothes in Southern California, but we like clothes that look warm for fashion’s sake).

A few days in I found a thrift store and got a pair of jeans, sweatshirt, and umbrella. Here I am in a million layers of clothing trying to stay warm:
Germany beet
That is beer in our cups, of course. When in Germany!
This is us on the balcony of a home we couchsurfed at. Couchsurfing is pretty awesome! In this case we didn’t spend much time with our host because she was out of town, but she trusted us with the keys to her apartment even though she had just met us. We were incredibly grateful! It was a peaceful place to catch up on sleep and battle jet-lag.

frozen flowers Germany
Once rested we mostly walked around and experienced the contrast in weather from hot and humid Costa Rica.

germany bike

I love how many people bike over here!

munich germany horse statue

We came across a school with statues outside.

munich germany grafitti

And lots of graffiti inside.

munich germany grafitti
munich germany lion statue

munich germany rooftops
Not to mention the beautiful views through the windows.

heart nature munich germany

I love how green it is here and the little ways mother nature comes out to show some love.

munich germany public transportation

The train system here takes a little getting used to. We were so thankful to a friend for delivering us to the right area and making sure we got where we needed to go.

cheshire cat munich germany

Of course, when you are on a journey chasing rabbits, you see signs from Wonderland everywhere.

munich germany castle

munich germany

I’ve really enjoyed all the old architecture in Europe.

flowers castle munich germany

corporate greed munich germany

All hail corporate greed. A powerful message.

art munich germany

Art is an incredibly important part of travel. Find it wherever you go.

oh munich germany


Munich was such a wonderful place to start our European adventure. We also stayed at the Wombat’s Hostel in the city center. We met a group of people from Wales who got us some German beers. They said we were “actually pretty cool for Americans” and took us to a club where we enthusiastically, yet guaranteed embarrassingly, danced. One of them told me “your boyfirend is my spirit animal” as we watched Jason dance to Abba’s “Mamma Mia”. Definitely a night that, despite the alcohol, I will never forget. Travel seems to be full of moments like these- fleeting friends you may never see again, yet make a big impact on your journey. I look forward to all the friends we’ll make and places we’ll see.

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  1. Love reading & seeing your adventures! Stay safe & warm.
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