Montezuma, Costa Rica

Montezuma, Costa Rica

After the Envision Festival Jason and I took a bus to Paquera where we had a beer and waited for the ferry to take us to the Nicoya Peninsula. Our ultimate goal was Montezuma, what people call a “hippie town” on the coast. The place we stayed (considered rural Costa Rica) was between this town and another called Cobano.
That being the less touristy was the town we went to for groceries for our two month stay there. I felt at home in Costa Rica, and in many ways it was a lot like home. We volunteered at a school, relaxed at the place we called home, and as often as we could, made it to the beach.

Costa Rica is an interesting place. Like every country it’s so different in different areas. You’ve got the busy city of San Jose, the Caribbean side, the yoga retreats, the expat communities, etc. It’s technically a third world country, yet tourism has become a huge part of it.
It was tricky to say where I fell into this world, however, the experience was only positive for me.
We volunteered at a school called Futuro Verde. I cataloged around 800 books for their library and helped the third graders with their reading (I forgot how weird of a language English was until a kid who was learning it as a second language read a Spongebob book with me).

I was in Costa Rica from mid-February to late April. It was mostly the dry season, but I experienced the very first of the rainy season before leaving. Coming from Southern California where it’s perfect weather all the time, one of my favorite parts of travel is the actual weather- I find thunder storms thrilling, and have been known to stand out in the rain just to watch the lightning.

Here are a few pictures from my time in Costa Rica:

Costa Rica Ferry
The ferry that took us to the peninsula.

Pura Vida Costa Rica

The road that we lived on.

Costa Rica Sunset

A low breeze,
Clouds you can see a sparkle of stars through
Tossed carelessly across the darkness.
The moon grinning low on the horizon.
Warm night speculations,
Insects quick.
Whispers warmed with wine deliver soft truths.
The golden light that splashed across the hills now gone toward tomorrow.
A cascaded roof of oak embraces us,
The jungle crawls across it,
Scratches clumsily in haste,
Grasping for survival.
Large leaves settle under impacted dirt,
Waiting for the rainy season to cleanse their veins
Of the midday sun.
What will be find there?
What part of ourselves did we leave behind on cloudless days?

Costa Rica Dogs
Sweet pups, Princessa and Samba. To see more dogs of Costa Rica, check out this post.

Every sunset we were graced by the presence of many dragonflies!

The road to Montezuma.

Montezuma Costa Rica
Montezuma is located right on the beach.

Montezuma Costa RIca
Montezuma Costa Rica
Montezuma Costa RIca beach
The water here is warmer than back home in California- but still very refreshing!
Montezuma Costa Rica Beach
Montezuma Costa Rica Beach

A little farther down the road are the Montezuma waterfalls:Montezuma Waterfall
Montezuma Waterfall Costa Rica

Costa Rica Iguana
More than just humans find it a nice place to dwell.

Montezuma Costa Rica

It seems weird to post about this town without including the nightlife, but somehow I don’t have any pictures of the dancers at Chico’s, the many bonfires that popped up on the beach, or the fire spinners that would generate a huge audience in the street. Montezuma was beautiful during the day, but really seemed to come alive at night.

My time in Costa Rica went by quickly. It seemed so soon that I was pulling out my passport again. It’s been an interesting journey. Going to Costa Rica was my first trip abroad and I went straight from there to Europe (posts to come!).
I’ve learned the world isn’t as big as I thought it was, yet my point of view about it seems to get bigger and bigger.

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  1. Love hearing about your travels & experiences! Stay safe & stay happy. Much love!

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