Merano, Italy

Merano, Italy

From Munich we headed south! I pretty much just pointed at a place on the map and we bought a surprisingly cheap bus ticket that took us through Austria to Northern Italy. It was one of the most incredible bus rides I have ever taken. We went through the Alps, looming over little towns with their snowy tops.

Here’s a few pictures captured from the bus ride to Merano, complete with window reflections:

Alps Bus Ride

Church Alps


Castle Alps

The bus stopped in a few cities along the way, but when we arrived in Merano, I thought it was by far the prettiest. We had contacted a couchsurfer and met with him soon after we got there. First we got drinks (you’ll probably see this sentence again in upcoming posts). We sat outside a cafe, ordered beers, and everything about it was perfect. The cobblestone road with colorful old buildings lining it, and a perfect view of a mountain in the distance.

We enjoyed the company of our new friend. I didn’t completely trust him because he said he’d never had pizza for breakfast (I don’t live in Italy and I’ve had so much pizza for breakfast), but nonetheless he was a good guy. We winded up some hills in his green mini cooper to his place where he made us pasta.
His apartment was really nice. It was dark when we got there that night, but we woke up to this:

Merano castle vineyard

My poor editing skills don’t do it justice, but the view was worth waking up early for. We walked down the hill in the rain back to the city to explore. Merano isn’t very big and was a perfect introduction to Italy. They mainly speak Italian and German there, but a lot of people spoke English as well.

Merano, Italy

From the river to the mountains to the historic buildings, every way we looked provided a beautiful view.

Merano River

Merano, Italy

We couldn’t believe how far up some of the houses were. Where is the road that leads to those?!

Merano, Italy

I don’t know how one ends up living in a castle and owning a vineyard, but I’d like to sign up.Merano castle vineyard

We couchsurfed for two nights then the next night got an Air B&B to do something a little different for my birthday. We rented a room in another awesome apartment in Merano. It was chic and cool just like the woman who owned it- and her cat.

Mia was a cuddle bug and it made me really happy to have a furry friend around. She was just as interested in my birthday breakfast as I was. She hopped up into my lap when I sat down to eat it.

The rest of the day consisted of some much needed relaxation, watching the rain outside from our cozy home for the day. Eventually we walked around the town some more and went out to dinner. We ended up at an authentic Italian restaurant. Our waiter didn’t speak English, but after some pointing at the menu and him drawing different vegetables on my place met we successfully ordered. We left very full of amazing pasta, pizza, wine, tiramisu, and happiness.

It was a great place to turn twenty-six.

Merano, Italy
One of the main roads with shopping and cafes.

Merano library
Creative book display over the lounge area in the library.

merano fog

merano mountains

I loved Italy right away. Since my diet back home consists mostly of pizza and wine, I felt very at home. Luckily this was not the end of our explorations there!

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  1. Michael Wallace

    AMAZING, Britt!!! Wow, what an incredible experience.

  2. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos and a taste of Life in Northern Italy!

  3. You are living the life! Your photographs are beautiful. Happy birthday. ❤️🦋💗

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