Eco Friendly Travel

Eco Friendly Travel

It’s down to just a few weeks until I take off on a new adventure! As I prepare for my trip I’m brainstorming how I can maintain my eco-friendly lifestyle. The more I think about it the more I realize it isn’t hard to continue being conscious of the environment just because you’re on the go. The more you get into the habit of living a certain way, the easier it is to keep it up! I’m not taking very much with me since I’m only bringing one backpack , but here’s a short list of some products I use in my every day life that I’m planning on bringing with me for my upcoming multiple month trip.

Aside from the last one, I purchased all these items from The Refill Shoppe and I highly recommend checking out their website or visiting them if you’re near Ventura! I have included links below to other sites you can find these products as well.

Sturdy reusable water bottle
Once you’re in the habit of bringing this around with you it feels weird when you don’t have it! They’re also handy to take to the airport since you can bring it empty and then fill it up once you’re passed security. This way you aren’t throwing away any water in order to get passed the line, and you don’t have to pay for an expensive bottle of water in the airport. Drink plenty of water as airplanes can be dehydrating! Make sure to research the water in your destination so you know which sources are safe to fill up at. My water bottle is made by Klean Kanteen. I suggest getting one like the Klean Kanteen Tidal Pool Classic Water Bottle with Loop Cap, 27-Ounce because it’s sturdy and comes in all sorts of colors!

reusable water bottle

Environment safe sunscreen
Did you know that a lot of sunscreens are made with chemicals that aren’t good for you or the ocean? When shopping for new sunscreen check for phrases that say “reef safe” or “nano-particle free”. It’s possible to stay protected from the sun and not endanger yourself or the creatures in the ocean!  For starters check out the All Good Sun Care Set – Unscented

Reusable, foldable bag
I’m the type of person who likes to be prepared and pack everything I think I could maybe, possibly need. This means I like big purses! But there are occasions when you just want to grab a small bag and run. What if you end up needing a bigger bag though? I’ve found the solution is a fold up back that gets tiny enough to stash in your purse until you find yourself doing an unexpected grocery store run and need a bag for your purchases. I think this can come in really handy while on the road, and it folds up small enough that it isn’t taking up too much room in my backpack. I’m a bag hoarder, but one of my favorites is the Envirosax Botanica Reusable Shopping Bags (Set of 5), Multicolor

I am proudly decently zero waste when it comes to this thanks to The Refill Shoppe. They refill bath, body, home, and cleaning products, and it can all be done online! This took care of all the face and hair products, sunscreen, body wash, etc that I’m bringing on my trip. They have 3 ounce bottles just for travel that you can fill up with their products (or bring your own container, or simply get it in a reusable pouch)! Most of their products are custom scentable as well. Careful, it’s addicting!

Reusable Menstrual pads
Alright, I know I’ll lose some of you here which is why I left it for last. Sorry for the TMI, but what’s a gal to do?! A close friend got me into these a while ago. Since I’ve made the switch I’ve never looked back! Paper pads and tampons are full of chemicals that aren’t good for you, not to mention how many disposable menstrual products are in landfills! They are also heavily taxed and expensive to buy month after month. I’ve also heard it can be hard to find tampons while traveling, especially in small towns. Reusable pads are just one initial cost and can last a long time if you care for them properly. There are some other options you can explore as well, such as the cup which is also reusable, and takes up even less room. I’ve tried a few different pads and my favorites are from this etsy shop. You can even get them customized with a bunch of different cute fabrics!

There are so many other products you can use that are good for you and for the world! There’s so much more I could bring, but as I said, I’m not packing a whole lot. If you have any questions about sustainable living, please ask! And if there’s anything that I should be taking that I didn’t include here, I’d love to hear about it!

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  1. Safe travels dear & tell Jason i miss him. Lots of love to you both 🤗

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