Dogs Of Costa Rica

Dogs Of Costa Rica

“Babe, if we spend this much time with every dog we see, we’ll never get home in time before dark.” Words that Jason, also a dog lover, had to say to me on one of our walks home- and that was before I decided to take pictures of every dog I see instead of just petting them and asking about their day. As I mentioned a little in this post there are a lot of stray dogs in Costa Rica, and even the dogs with owners frequently walk around independently. The dogs here definitely know the true meaning of “pura vida” as you can see in their dog smiles. I’ll keep adding more pictures to this post as I’ll inevitably keep meeting canine friends during my time here!
Costa Rica Dog

Pura Vida!

Dogs of Costa Rica

The gang hanging out on the beach.

Princessa. This little dog lives on the property we’re staying on. She greets us every day when we get home and delivers us to the front door. A fierce (if you go by bark) and courageous dog. We’ve witnessed her bite a monkey and chase away an escaped bull that found his way onto the property. She often sits next to me and has become one of my best buds.

INTRODUCING MY OTHER NEW BEST FRIEND, SAMBA. Luckily she’s small enough to fit in my backpack for when we take off (just kidding, but I wish)! This is Princessa’s new baby sister and she’s not quite sure what to think about her yet, but I’m completely in love.

Costa Rica puppy

Look at her face!  And her puppy dog eyes!!

Princessa enjoying being bigger than Samba while it lasts.

Costa Rica Dog

Sandy days. This incredibly sweet dog sat by my side for a while.

Costa Rica Dog        Costa Rica Dog

During our stay in Costa Rica we’ve spent some time volunteering at a school called Futuro Verde. We feel very welcome there and so do a few dogs. We always see the same ones coming by after lunch time to help with clean up.

Costa Rica Dog

This German Shepard definitely wanted to go home with Jason (I wouldn’t have minded).

One day I’ll have my own dog again, but in the meantime I’m glad friendly pups are plentiful here. Sitting on the beach with a smile on your face and a dog by your side is true paradise.

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