Thomas Fire Benefit Festival

After the Thomas Fire struck Ventura and Santa Barbara counties people came together in many different ways. Neighbors knocked on doors to wake people up when the fire was rapidly approaching. So many restaurants gave food to first responders and those affected. Donations poured in and people took in their friends who had nowhere to stay. Ventura stood up after it got hit, helping those who couldn’t get back up on their own.

Eco Friendly Travel

It’s down to just a few weeks until I take off on a new adventure! As I prepare for my trip I’m brainstorming how I can maintain my eco-friendly lifestyle. The more I think about it the more I realize it isn’t hard to continue being conscious of the environment just because you’re on the go. The more you get into the habit of living a certain way, the easier it is to keep it up! I’m not taking very much with me since I’m only bringing one backpack , but here’s a short list of some products I use in my every day life that I’m planning on bringing with me for my upcoming multiple month trip.

If You Know You’re Going To Fall

I was born on May 4th (may the fourth be with you), the day that Alice first ventures to Wonderland. Like her, I’ve always had a sense of wonder that’s moved me through space and time with a unique view of the worlds I find myself in and the creatures that dwell there. Usually an observer and (over) thinker; it’s my most recent adventure to grow in my ability to share my experiences with others.